Create a network namespace in Cloud9 host


  1. Open two terminals in the Cloud9 environment. Let’s refer them as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

  2. Terminal 1 is referenced as the Container Terminal and Terminal 2 is the Host Terminal.

Create a network namespace in Terminal 1 (Container) using unshare

The unshare command unshares the indicated namespace(s) from the parent process and then executes the specified program. The namespaces to be unshared are indicated via options. Unshareable namespaces are mount, UTS, IPC, network, pid, and user. Read more at:

  1. Check docker and network status

    sudo bash
    service docker status
    ifconfig -a
  2. Use unshare to create a mini-container with a separate network namespace

    unshare --net --fork bash
  3. Observe processes within the new namespace

    ifconfig -a