In this activity we will perform the clean up by deleting simple-http-server and simple-client deployment:

You should be on k8s-kops-mgmt-cloud9-instance:

  1. Delete simple-http-server and simple-client deployment:

    kubectl delete deployment simple-http-server
    kubectl delete deployment simple-client
    Expected output:
    ec2-user:~/environment $ kubectl delete deployment simple-http-server
    deployment.extensions "simple-http-server" deleted
    ec2-user:~/environment $ kubectl delete deployment simple-client
    deployment.extensions "simple-client" deleted
    ec2-user:~/environment $
  2. Verify deployment was deleted:

    kubectl get deployment
    kubectl get pods -n default -o wide
    ec2-user:~/environment $ kubectl get deployment
    No resources found.
    ec2-user:~/environment $ kubectl get pods -n default -o wide
    No resources found.
    ec2-user:~/environment $
  3. While pods are being deleted you might see STATUS as Terminating